Bespoke Holistic Massage & Bodywork

Intuitive and sensitive treatments in a warm, artistic & relaxed space in Hackney

Tailored intuative massage

Holistic massage works by viewing the person as a whole and applying techniques in a sensitive and intuitive way, working with a person's individual  responses. It offers tailored treatment specific to your needs, using a range of techniques; Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure points, advanced relaxation, compression and others. I use a range of advanced techniques including "no hands" deep tissue (soft sensitive deep tissue work) deep tissue stretches, joint mobilisation, rocking/vibration, direct Myofacsial release, and specific muscle work. Please click here for some examples of how I tailor treatments

From £30 - £115

Indirect release & direct techniques

Fascia is a continuous web of tissue which encases and holds every organ, muscle, bone, nerve, artery, connecting and protecting all the body's tissues and organs. The main components of fascia; elastin and collagen, are very strong but flexible, allowing us to move freely without restriction. You can see fascia harden in scars, this can also happen inside the body from trauma, poor posture or chronic tension. Fascia is very sensitive and has more nerves than muscle. Myofascial release is a specialised therapy that uses gentle sustained pressure to release and stretch the fascia. No oil is used so that the therapist can feel into the tissue barrier, apply pressure, wait for it to soften and encourage the fascia to release.

From £45 - £60

Skin sensitive facial massage 

Release tension in face muscles improve circulation and stimulate lymph flow. Lift muscles, address wrinkles, smooth skin and most important balance emotions.

Face is cleansed and hydrated before treatment and finished with a beautiful moisturiser. Using skincare products and oils which contain no essential oils, are vegan and sustainably produced.

From £30 - £90

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