Katya Maass

Holistic Massage therapist

My love of massage has been lifelong, and I have been helping friends and family for as long as I can remember! Massage helped me recover from PTSD, as it gave me an awareness about my physical self and how stress was affecting my body. I've also seen the benefit and relief it can bring to those suffering from injury, stress and isolation.

I tailor my treatments to your individual needs, working intuitively and sensitively with your body to ensure every treatment has therapeutic benefit. I can offer you a range of techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, joint mobilisation, advanced relaxation, myofascial release and more. 

Massage is a powerful healing tool that touches the mind, body and spirit. It will heal you, teach you, and give you that much needed time for yourself! Massage is mindful, it's art, and it's a connection that is most basic to all of us but so often missing in our lives - the quality of human touch.

Graduated (2018) with MTI at The School of Bodyology at London UCL with a diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy (w/ AP&P) 

Certificate in Seated Massage

Diploma in Natural Face Lift Massage

CPD Myofacial Release

Cathy Logan

Bodywork practioner

Cathy has been working in the health and wellbeing industry since gaining her Shiatsu diploma in 2004. Within the next year she added seated acupressure massage and Indian head massage to her skills, since when she has specialised in workplace and events massage. Additionally she has been carrying out DSE workstation assessments in the workplace since training in 2012.


Limited time offer


Currently studying Facial Reflex Therapy Sorensensistem, Cathy is offering these treatments at a greatly reduced price for a limited time until she qualifies. She has received * hours of hands-on training to date, so you can expect to thoroughly enjoy the treatment.


Facial reflex therapy: This treatment uses a combination of different techniques that work on the nervous system through facial zones, acupuncture points and neurological points, all stimulated solely with the fingertips through the face. A basic treatment encourages a re-balancing of the whole body as well as stimulating the blood and lymph flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience and only high quality oils from either Inca Earth or Neals Yard Remedies will be used. You will leave this treatment with your skin nourished and glowing. A typical treatment lasts from 45-50 minutes and is carried out with you lying relaxed on a massage table.

Massage Hackney

Small business with social ethics

Massage Hackney is an enterprise with strong social and community objectives; to provide a professional high standard of massage to Hackney and the surrounding boroughs. The aim is to make high quality massage therapy more accessible and affordable by offering reduced rates for lower income households while also providing competitive rates to everybody else.

We want to be a place where all members of the community can receive the same high standard of massage therapy. We're seeking to bridge a gap in a community which has seen huge economic changes, where some are left with feeling that fewer services are designed and priced within the means of what they can afford. We also want to welcome those who regularly use and benefit from holistic massage, who by choosing Massage Hackney will help support the whole community by making an ethical choice as to where they receive therapy. Knowing the borough very well, we believe that Hackney is distinct in that many people who live here make strong ethical choices in the products and services they use. We want to offer such a choice for holistic therapy.

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