Community Treatments

We want to be a place where all members of the community can receive the same high standard of massage therapy. We're seeking to bridge a gap in a community which has seen huge economic changes, where some are left with feeling that fewer services are designed and priced within the means of what they can afford. We also want to welcome those who regularly use and benefit from holistic massage , who by choosing Massage Hackney will help support the whole community by making an ethical choice as to where they receive therapy.

Holistic massage works by viewing the person as a whole and applying techniques in a sensitive and intuitive way, working with a persons individual responses. 

It offers tailored treatment specific to your needs, using a range of techniques: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, abdominal massage, advanced relaxation, joint mobilisation and myofascial techniques.

Facial Reflexology

Cathy is currently studying towards facial reflexology accreditation and is looking for clients to participate at a reduced rate to cover costs. This treatment system uses a combination of different techniques which work upon the nervous system. It includes work on zones, acupuncture points and neurological points, all stimulated solely with the finger tips through the face. A basic treatment encourages a re-balancing of the whole body. It is a deeply relaxing experience and only pure oils from the Andes of Argentina are used. Any of the following oils may be used: Pine, Lemon, Orange, Geranium, Frankincense and Sandalwood. The basic oil is high quality Rosehip (rich in vitamin C). You will leave this treatment with your skin glowing with health as the blood and lymph flow is stimulated. A typical treatment lasts around 45-50 Minutes and is carried out with you lying relaxed on a massage table.

Seated Massage

A tailored treatment combining acupressure, shiatsu and traditional massage techniques, while you relax on an ergonomically designed chair to ensure your comfort throughout. Oil can be used on request but is not necessary for this massage.


To access low cost treatments you will need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Low income family (household income of under £35,000)

  • Low income single/student (income less than £19,000)

  • Single parent family (less than £28,000)

  • Receiving JSA/ESA/UC or Pension Credit

  • If you are a carer

Treatments Price

Holistic Massage

Facial Reflexology

Seated Massage

Seated Massage & Facial Reflexology

60 mins

60 mins

30 mins

90 mins





Payments are taken in person by cash on the day of treatment


Mon - Sun

By appointment only

10am - 8:00pm

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