Holistic Massage

Holistic massage works by viewing the person as a whole and applying techniques in a sensitive and intuitive way, working with a person's individual  responses. It offers tailored treatment specific to your needs, using a range of techniques; Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure points, advanced relaxation, compression and others. I use a range of advanced techniques including "no hands" deep tissue (soft sensitive deep tissue work) deep tissue stretches, joint mobilisation, rocking/vibration, direct Myofacsial release, and specific muscle work. Please click here for some examples of how I tailor treatments

Tailored Holistic Massage

Treatment is tailored according to specific need and treatment time. There is a full consultation for all new clients. Treatments are discussed either in advance or on the day as to what techniques I can use and what you would like from the treatment. I work with the whole body for all treatments, however it's best to have focus areas to get the best results from treatment. Please click here for some examples of how I tailor treatments.

45 mins      £45

60 mins      £60

90 mins      £90

120 mins    £115

Specific Treatments

60 mins     £60

30 mins     £30

45 mins     £45


Full treatment, including joint mobilisation and soft tissue release


Beautiful treatment for this sensitive overlooked area, and suitable for for those experiencing associated health issues or suffering discomfort.


Very relaxing treatment focusing on the neck and shoulders, including massage of the hands and scalp.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a continuous web of tissue which encases and holds every organ, muscle, bone, nerve, artery, connecting and protecting all the body's tissues and organs. The main components of fascia; elastin and collagen, are very strong but flexible, allowing us to move freely without restriction. You can see fascia harden in scars, this can also happen inside the body from trauma, poor posture or chronic tension. Fascia is very sensitive and has more nerves than muscle. Myofascial release is a specialised therapy that uses gentle sustained pressure to release and stretch the fascia. No oil is used so that the therapist can feel into the tissue barrier, apply pressure, wait for it to soften and encourage the fascia to release. During treatment you may feel a melting sensation as the tissues release, a sense of release, and it may also bring up emotions or memories.

What to expect from treatment

As fascia is a whole body tissue the treatment is viewed as such; it's helpful to be able to view the whole body and look for indicators to respond to during treatment. As such, I ask for you not to be covered with a towel but to wear shorts and a vest top or a 2 piece swimsuit. I will observe your posture before treatment to get a general idea of where to start treatment or see how your body is holding or bracing. Sustained pressure is then applied or possibly a stretch to the arm or leg. Movement on the table is encouraged as the body moves and indicates instinctively where treatment is needed - I am trained to keep you safe on the couch during such movement and facilitate what the body needs.

45 mins      £45

60 mins      £60

Facial Rejuvenation

Release tension in face muscles to improve circulation and stimulate lymph flow. Lift muscles, address wrinkles, smooth skin and, most importantly balance emotions.

This treatment uses skincare products and oils which contain no essential oils, and that are vegan and sustainably produced.

Complete Facial Rejuvenation

Neck and shoulders massage - skin is then cleansed and hydrated.

Acupressure points are utilised to balance emotions, beautiful oils applied in a tailored in-depth facial massage, followed with moisturiser, lymph stimulation and grounding.

Rosehip oil or Prickly Pear oil

45 mins      £50

60 mins      £65

Facial Rejuvenation - Add on treatment (just oil)

Neck and shoulder massage, acupressure points to balance emotions, beautiful oils applied in an in-depth facial massage, lymph stimulation and grounding.

Rosehip oil or Prickly Pear oil

30 mins      £30 (top up/add on)

Facial Massage with Myofacsial release

Discover the endless benefits of Myofacsial release! This session is tailoured to working with facsial restrictions it may including releasing the jaw, working with scarring or cranial work. This treatment may not only benefit your face but also be a whole body experience. Could be particularly benifical for those looking to help jaw pain, sinus problems, tinitus or headache. The treatment combines myofacsial release and oil massage.

60 mins      £60

90 mins      £90

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