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First time clients receive an encrypted health consultation

The time you book is the time you will receive on the treatment table

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs and spaced between clients 

Please take a few minutes before getting up off the treatment couch to change

If this is your first visit please arrive 15 minutes early to give us time to talk about your health concerns and decide on how best to use the time.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage combines a number of techniques to provide a range of ways to work with the body including deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure points, advanced relaxation, compression.. These techniques are applied intuitively and sensitively, working with the individual’s own responses and their body as a whole. Holistic massage works with your nervous system to achieve the best outcome. I use a range of advanced techniques, including “no hands” deep tissue (sensitive deep tissue work) deep tissue stretches, joint mobilisation, rocking/percussive work, direct myofascial release and targeted muscle work.

What to expect from treatment

Treatment is tailored to specific need and treatment time. There is a full consultation for all new clients. Treatments are discussed either in advance or on the day as to what techniques I can use and what you would like from the session. I work with the whole body, however it's best to have focus areas to get the best results from treatment. The treatment time starts when I'm hands on ready to begin.

Please follow the link for some examples of how I tailor treatments.

45 - 120 minutes
£50 - £125

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Fascia is a continuous web of tissue which encases and holds every organ, muscle, bone, nerve, artery, connecting and protecting all the body's tissues and organs. The main components of fascia; elastin and collagen, are very strong but flexible, allowing us to move freely without restriction. You can see fascia harden in scars, this can also happen inside the body from trauma, poor demands on posture or chronic and enduring tension.


Fascia is very sensitive and has more nerves than muscle. Myofascial release is a specialised therapy that uses gentle sustained pressure to feel into the fascia and apply the appropriate pressure to soften restrictions and gently realign the body . No oil is used, so that the therapist can feel into the tissue barrier, apply pressure, wait for it to soften and encourage the fascia to release. During treatment you may feel a melting sensation as the tissues release, stretching or opening up, or a sense of letting go. It may also bring up emotions or memories., and help to release trauma held in the body. 

As fascia is a whole body tissue the treatment is viewed as such; it's helpful to be able to view the whole body and look for indicators to respond to during treatment. As such, I ask for you not to be covered with a towel all the time, but to wear shorts and a vest top or a 2 piece swimsuit. I will observe your posture before treatment to get a general idea of where to start treatment or see how your body is holding or bracing. Sustained pressure is then applied or possibly a stretch to the arm or leg or specific technique. Movement on the table is encouraged as the body is moving to heal and indicates instinctively where treatment is needed - I am trained to keep you safe on the couch during such movement and facilitate what the body is indicating.

" My MFR sessions with Katya have been revolutionary for both my body and my mind and deepening the connection between the two. Not to mention incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, during each and every one of my many sessions my whoop band stress monitor dropped to the same level of stress I experience in deep sleep (basically at zero) which is incredibly rare in a conscious state. Katya's work is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone "

45 - 90 minutes
£50 - £95

Deep Tissue

Tailored massage with the focus on deep tissue. Techniques are used to prepare the body for deeper work, stretches, mobilisation and percussion. I use "no hands" soft deep tissue techniques using the forearm, elbow and ulna, sensitively listening to the body and sinking in to what I'm feeling. Pressure is adapted according to your feedback verbal or your physical responses. Through consulation we can decide on focus areas and tailor the massage to your specific requirements and time.

60 - 120 minutes
£65 - £125

Advanced Relaxation

Treatment developed for those who would like to calm their nervous system. and quieten the mind. Starting with cranialsacral work and occipital release, working around the neck to relieve classic areas of tension with Myofascial release. Repetitive Swedish style long strokes using hands and forearm, passive movement of joints and sensitive work around the neck and shoulders. Massage is fully tailored to your individual needs and time.

60 - 120 minutes
£65 - £125

Specific Treatments

These treatments are designed to combine traditional massage with Myofascial release (MFR), and is a good option if you are concerned about a specific area and would like to try MFR.


Treatment starts with MFR techniques; this may include arm or leg pulls, cross hand releases, occipital release, work with the lower back, depending on your concern. Followed by massage treatment, tailored to your requirements.

75 or 90 minutes


Beautiful treatment for this sensitive, overlooked area, and suitable for for those experiencing associated health issues or suffering discomfort. Myofascial release is a safe, gentle and effective. Working in this area is a powerful emotional connection to your body. Massage can ease pain and help to look at the mind body relationship.

45, 60 minutes


The session starts with Myofascial release techniques which may include occipital release, jaw work or cranial-sacral work, followed by sensitive massage.

60, 75 minutes

45 - 90 minutes
£50 - £95

Myofascial Facial

I use a blend of MFR and massage for these treatments as I feel they are the most beneficial and provide a gentle way to work into acupressure points. Release tension in face muscles and release fascia restrictions to improve circulation and stimulate lymph flow. Lift muscles, smooth skin and increase glow, most importantly balance emotions.


These treatment use skincare products and oils which contain no essential oils, and that are vegan and sustainably produced. A choice of treatment with or without oil. Please read what to expect from treatment.

MFR Facial                                                                   

Just MFR! no products or oils used

MFR Facial with oil

oil and moisturiser

45 - 90 minutes
£50 - £97

Scalp Massage

Regular scalp massage can have multiple benefits. It can condition the scalp, helping to prevent flakes and dry, itchy scalp, and it helps enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area. Help strengthen the roots of the hair and nourish the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening existing hair.


Massage of the head where the scalp meets the neck and face,; Myofascial techniques to help stimulate lymph flow and cranial techniques for stress and tension. A very relaxing experience which calms the nervous system. Treatment offered as a discounted package as the benefits are from regular short treatments. 

Weekly Treatments

4 sessions      15 minutes     £60 monthly

4 sessions      15 minutes     £120 monthly

Treatment is given  with or without oil - or you are welcome to bring an oil suitable for your hair with you to your appointment.

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